Hotel Types: Resort
Personal safe
Medical Room
Ticket offices
Air conditioning
Business center
Conference hall
Fitness room
Billiard hall
Price: from   to USD

Riviera Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 49 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 63 USD
Business Room/ SGL 63 USD
Business Room/ DBL 77 USD
Lux Sea View / SGL 77 USD
Lux Sea View / DBL 91 USD

Premier Hotel

Deluxe/ SGL 40 USD
Deluxe/ DBL 45 USD

Park Inn

by request USD

Museum Inn Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 70 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 77 USD
Executive Suite 105 USD

Karat Inn Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 45 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 53 USD

Egoist Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 65 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 78 USD
Suite Room/ SGL 80 USD
Suite Room/ DBL 91 USD

Ganjali Plaza

Standard Room/ SGL 56 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 70 USD
Junior 91 USD
Royal Suit 126 USD

Qafqaz Park Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 91 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 110 USD
Superior / SGL 110 USD
Superior / DBL 128 USD

Amber Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 44 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 48 USD
Junior Suite/ SGL 59 USD
Junior Suite/ DBL 66 USD

East Legend Panorama Hotel

Deluxe / SGL 32 USD
Deluxe / DBL 39 USD

The Crescent Beach Hotel

Standard Room/ SGL 100 USD
Standard Room/ DBL 115 USD

Chirag Plaza

by request USD

Sapphire Hotel Baku

Business Standard/ SGL 67 USD
Business Standard/ DBL 77 USD
Deluxe/ SGL 77 USD
Deluxe/ DBL 87 USD

Shah Palace

Standard Room/SGL 65 USD
Standard Room/DBL 70 USD
Junior Suite/ SGL 90 USD
Junior Suite/ DBL 95 USD

Excelsior Hotel Baku

Duke Room / SGL 70 USD
Duke Room / DBL 87 USD
Heritage Room / SGL 85 USD
Heritage Room / DBL 101 USD
Crown Suit 170 USD
Royal Suit 209 USD

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