Lyulya kabab

Lyulya kabab.

A mixture of mutton, herbs, and spices squeezed around a skewer and barbecued, often served with lavash (thin sheets of unleavened bread).  

Mutton - 330 g;
rump fat - 20 g;
onions - 20 g;
spring onions - 40 g;
parsley and basil - 15 g;
wheat flour - 45 g;
sumakh - 3 g;
salt and pepper to taste.

Put mutton flesh with onions and fat through the mincer, add pepper and salt and mix thoroughly. Cool the minced meat in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Shape short sausages from the minced meat and hook on a spit which should be a little thicker than a shashlyk spit. Roast over burning charcoals. Fold into lavash cakes before serving. Bake lavash, as for fried meat.

Lyulya-kebab is seasoned with onions cut in rings, sumakh or tomatoes roasted on a spit.