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Join hip-hop festival in Baku

Join hip-hop festival in Baku

An incendiary hip-hop festival entitled “One Dance - One Soul” will be organized in Baku’s Energy Club on December 13.
The competition will be held in accordance with the rules of the World Championship "I LOVE THIS DANCE".
Organized by Alarm Dance Crew, the event will feature hip-hop, brake dance, electro and street Latino dance styles.
That is the show will be a battle of two very different dance directions such as Latin American dance with hip-hop and break dance.
The organizing committee and the jury will include the current hip-hop champions of Azerbaijan, the finalists of the "Yetenek Sizsiniz Turkiye" talent show. Popular DJs will amaze the audience during the event.
"One Dance - One Soul" brings together the talented dancers and holds competitions with different kinds of battles and between the hip-hop culture and other areas of street dance. The project’s main goal is to promote hip-hop culture in the country.

By A. Nazarli

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