Hot springs of Xashi - 500 $

Countries: Baku - Shabran - Dahna - Xashi - Utug - Gonagkend
Period from:
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Tour category: Trekking
Price: 500 $

Day 1. Transfer from Baku to Shabran (100 km)

From Shabran changing the car to 4WD vehicle and further drive to Chinarlar village (30 km). From this settlement a walking part of the tour starts.

Walking up the forest road from Chinarlar village through «Karasangar» ridge towards Nohurlar lake (1100 meters). Reaching the lake (8 km)  

Day 2. Nohurlar lake – Dahna village

Walking down the ridge to Gilgilchay river valley and further up towards Dahna village. From Dahna village trecking up along Utugchay river canyon towards hot sulfurated hydrogen baths (18 km).

Tourists move down through the picturesque canyon, covered with bushes of sea buckthorn, barberry, wild rose hips and wild cherry plum (alycha). After 6 hours of trekking tourists descend into the canyon to the hot healing springs that flow down into the canyon from steep cliffs. In the rocks at some height there are a few stone huts with baths that are filled with the hot hydrogen sulphide water that runs down from the rocks. Tourists break a camp on a small wooded river terrace.

After having a dip in the healing baths, tourists will remove all the fatigue and regain their strength. From the terrace, where the tents are set, you can watch the amazing flight of dozens of Griffon vulture - vulture eagles, which nest on the cliff tops. Have a tour towards scenic points in the gorge, pay a visit to natural caves. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. Springs of Xashi – Utugchai river gorge – Utug village (16 km)

Trekking along scenic canyon of Utugchay river towards Utug village. Overnight in tents on the meadow.  

Day 4. Utug village – Jimichai river canyon – Jimi sulphur-springs ( 6 km)

Here tourists could take bath in sulphur-springs and reduce fatigue. Overnight in tents.  

Day 5. Jimi sulphur-springs – Konagkend settlement (10 km). Trekking along Jimichai river gorge

Transfer by 4WD from Konagkend settlement to Quba (70 km).

Quba – Baku (by car 155 km)

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